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Missions Trip 2022

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Calvary Los Mochis Sinaloa.

We want to share with you some of the experiences that our students lived on their mission trip this semester. We hope that it will be a blessing to you and, at the same time, help us to continue in prayer for all the people who heard the gospel.

This trip was for a week, from 22 to 29 October, and the destination was Los Mochis Sinaloa. Since it was a long journey, the first stop was at Hermosillo Sonora, where students were able to serve in Sunday service at "Árbol de Vida" church.

Being in Calvary Los Mochis, it was gratifying for them to be supportive of the church and the pastoral family.

The students organized different church service activities. They were mainly able to help in the maintenance of the facilities and ran a Bible school for the children of the church and the neighborhood for several days.

In this event the children were able to spend time together and learning the Word of God through teachings that our students prepared for them.

Also, each afternoon they had different events. A youth event was organized on Tuesday, a general service with the congregation on Wednesday and a marriage meeting on Thursday. In addition, groups were held that went out to evangelize through the streets of the neighborhood.

A very nice thing was that the whole group was able to visit the family of one of our students who lives in Topolobampo. We appreciate their hospitality and attentions to all our students. The family blessed them with a boat trip around Topolobampo and a delicious meal. We pray that Jesus' name will reign in their homes.

The Lord commands us in His Word to serve our neighbor and bring the gospel to those who have not heard it, therefore, it is necessary to attend to God's command and labour in His work

Through this trip students were able to serve brothers from other places, grow in love for the lost, and learn more about teamwork as a missionary group and brothers in Christ. This trip was a blessing for the pastor, his family and church congregants, as well as for the students.

God personally treated and taught each student through each activity.

Let us pray for the church and the city of Los Mochis.

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