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How I can help
Thank you for your interest in CBI|MX

You can support us in many different ways:
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We ask that you get on your knees before the Father with us and trust Him for miracles to happen. You can sign up for our electronic newsletter to get the latest on how you can be praying for Calvary Chapel Bible College Mexico. 

Cash Donations

Donations from people that believe in what God is doing at CBI Mexico is what keeps the cement pouring and the students coming.  We work hard to be sure every dollar donated is put to good use.  You can assist with our building funds, operations, supporting staff and interns, who are volunteers, supported by donations from people who believe in what we are doing here. 

Building Projects & Capital Budget 

To be able to accommodate everything God is doing here, we are hoping to accomplish a number of projects and acquisitions in the upcoming years!  We have now have four dorms for students, four loft houses for our staff and interns. This is not enough as we build God fills.  We need to finish our team house, for mission teams, and have plans for one more dorm on the current campus.  Then we will start on our upper campus.  We need hands and finances to complete these plans. 

Sponsor a Student

Support a student, we have several national students who depend on scholarships. 

Church Presentations 

We would love to visit your church and share the excitement of what God is doing here at CBI Mexico. We are willing to give a short presentation and give your congregation an opportunity to join the ministry. Our missionaries are also able to give a full Sunday morning or midweek sermon when available. 

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