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Graduation Requirements

Graduates will obtain a Diploma of Biblical Studies and they must have these requirements:


  • Study 4 semesters.

  • Each semester has 15 weeks including one holiday week.

  • A student should not exceed 25 credits in one semester. A regular student should have an average of 20 credits per semester.

  • After the four semesters, a student should has around 80 credits in total.

Old & New Testament Survey

  • Are audio recordings of Pastor Chuck Smith's Through the Bible messages with his best known expository style.

  • They were delivered at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California during the late 80's and early 90's.

  • They are audio Bible studies verse by verse from Genesis through Revelation.

  • Students will be listening to expository messages, answering short test and writing down personal notes from the teachings.

Short-Term Missions Trip
  • Participate in a mission trip of four or more days elsewhere in Mexico.

  • We organize one outreach per semester.

Community Service Class
  • Students must participate in a community service period for only one semester.

  • This requires 8 hours per month.

  • Each student will be assigned a local missionary organization off campus for a one Saturday per month.

  • There will be training and required tests based on the nature of each project.

  • The class is designed to contribute to the community's needs and teach students the meaning of returning something to the community.

  • Students are not sent to the community to evangelize.  However, when there is an opportunity to share about the Kingdom of heaven, you do not have restrictions, since we want to share the Word of God when the opportunity arises.

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