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Latest update: August 20th 2020

After much prayer, we are excited to make our next fall 2020 semester available for both national and International Students that desire to attend.

CCBC Status During COVID-19 Response

Due our remote location, wellness protocols and distance from the city, the probabilities of virus spread are reduced significantly, making our campus a safe place. However, as we seek to honor God by supporting the country’s recommendations, we have also adopted a series of measures to prevent student exposure and possible spread. 

Remain on Campus Order

One of our protocols is to stay on campus including international students and students with extenuating circumstances unless in case of an emergency. However, our campus provides both essential and non-essential services with no need to leave the school until it is safe.


Visitor Polices

Until further notice, only students who reside on campus, teachers and college staff may enter the campus. Resident students cannot invite outside guests.


Quarantine Protocol 

Our administrative staff will take every student's case in consideration in terms of who needs to be placed in quarantine and for how long. The quarantine area will vary depending on the individual circumstances of the person or people quarantined. Should community members be quarantined on campus, food will be provided.



Our staff will be checking every student's temperature prior to their entry as well as attending those who manifest symptoms associated with the coronavirus and take the appropriate measures.  

National and International Traveling Information

According to the Mexican government, Mexico has not adopted restrictions on the entry of visitors and the return of Mexicans from other countries. However, The Ministry of Health is alert at the entry points of the country to attend people who manifest symptoms associated with the coronavirus and take the corresponding measures. Learn more at:

If you have more questions, send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. God bless you!

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